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Crown Mouldings and More

Aside from offering hundreds of varieties of cornice mouldings ranging from sizes 3" to 12", we do a lot more...


Valance Installations
In order to square off a room we can make a valance using our cornice, ask our sales staff for details.



Two Step Cornice Extensions
For those looking for a more elaborate, bolder cornice, we stock several varieties of cornice extensions that can be added to our existing trims.


Stain Grade Cornice Mouldings
The look and feel of wood is coming back in style. Ask our sales staff about stain grade finished and unfinished cornice.


Flexible Cornices
We supply as well as install flexible polyurethane cornices for any of our smooth patterned profiles. Flexible cornices are well suited for curved staircases and any circular feautures on ceilings.