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Door Installation Tips

How to:
Installing your Masonite door is easy.
If you have chosen to "do-it-yourself," you are not alone. There's been a remarkable resurgence of individuals who take pleasure and pride in transforming their homes themselves. First, you should know that door installation is not difficult.

It's as simple as choosing your favorite door, determining your specific configuration, measuring the opening and following our easy-to-follow instructions. Masonite's installation instructions include detail on how to install, a list of required the tools, what measurements to take and how to finish your door.

Although this undertaking is not for everyone, your Dealer will assist you by answering questions, by recommending the right solution for your project and your budget if you decide to handle the project on your own.


If you are not comfortable with the installation, we install also, talk to us for options and pricing. Installation services are available by request at a price less than you would expect. Our insured, experienced carpenters will make your installation hassle-free.

Download The Masonite Door DIY'S & TIPS:

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  3. IPHONE   How To Install
  4. IPHONE  Interior Rail & Stile Doors   
  5. IPHONE   How To Paint
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