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Our Primed Finish

dap aOur MDF products are primed/painted with an industry standard sealer that is referred to as primer. This sealer/primer penetrates and seals the MDF so that the finish coat of paint is applied with ease. Elite Mouldings guarantees that every piece of moulding is primed and ready for a finish coat of paint, an enormous time saver over solid wood trims.

All our cornice trim has a triple coating of high-grade primer which weapply in our factory. Although it looks great when installed, we do need to nail or "pin", (with a brad nailer). The holes are later dapped or caulked. We also re-prime all the exposed joints that have been sanded. Afterward we recommend painting with a egg shell paint.

What is the best paint to use?

If you are painted casings, trims or baseboards it would be best to use a good durable, and washable paint. In the case of cornice moulding, they don't have to be cleaned. By flat paint we mean "eggshell" or "low sheen". The flatter finish the paint has, the better it hides brush strokes and other imperfections. As an added bonus, the flat paint gives the trim a soft, warm look, like plaster.

The other consideration is the sealing aspect. MDF, although much more stable then wood, is susceptible to changes in humidity. A specially in the case of a lake front or ocean front setting. It is recommend that you paint your cornice mouldings with an acrylic sealer. The paint experts say that all paints have a certain amount of acrylic, but the paint with the most acrylic in it is LATEX.

We also recommend that you paint within 30 days after the trim is installed to reduce the possibly of shrinkage.