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Builders in Toronto

59 Group of Companies
A. Belsito Construction Ltd.
Alliance Homes Inc.
Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc.
Andrin Limited
Angus Glen Development Ltd./Kylemore Homes
Anndale Properties Limited
Aragon Development (Ontario) Ltd..
Arch Homes Ltd.
Argo Development Corporation
Arista Homes Limited
Armour Heights Developments
Aspen Ridge Homes Ltd.
Bachly Construction
Baghai Development Limited
Ballantry Homes Inc.
Ballygarven Homes
Ballymore Building Corporation
Barbini Developments Inc.
Baycliffe Homes Inc.
Bayview-Wellington Homes
Baywood Homes
Bazis International Inc.
Beacon Bay Homes Inc.
Beaverbrook Homes Inc.
Beaverhall Homes
Berkley Homes
Berkshire Homes
Best Homes Ltd.
Boddy, John Developments Ltd.
Bond Homes Ltd.
Brandy Lane Corporation
Broadway Homes
Brookfield Homes (Ontario) Limited
Brookstone Homes
Cachet Estate Homes Inc.
Canada Lands Company Limited
CanAlfa Group (2000) Inc.
Canderel - Stoneridge Equity Group Limited
Carillion Construction Canada
Castle Group Ventures
Chateau Fine Homes
Chestnut Hill Homes
Cityview Homes Inc.
Cityzen Development Group
ClubLink Corporation
Concert Properties Ltd.
Concord Adex Developments Corp.
Context Development Inc.
Co-Operators Development Corporation Limited
Coram Construction Group
Coscorp Inc.
Cosmopolitan Homes
Cougs Investments Ltd.
Country Wide Homes Ltd.
Coventry Homes Inc.
Crystal Glen Homes (2000) Inc.
Darcel Developers
Davies Smith Developments Partnership
Dawn Victoria Homes
Del Ridge Homes Inc.
Delpark Homes (1999) Ltd.
Delta-Rae Homes (1138319 Ontario Inc.)
Democrat Homes Ltd.
DeNoble Homes
Di Blasio Homes
Diamante Urban Corporation
Double Oak Homes/First Edition Homes
Dreamland Homes Construction
Dunbury Homes Limited
Dunpar Developments Inc.
Durham Homes
Eden Oak
Embassy Homes Inc.
EMCON Construction
Emer Developments Ltd.
Emery Homes
Emery Investments
Empire Communities
Esquire Homes Inc.
Fairpark Homes Ltd.
Fallingbrook Developments Limited
Fandor Homes Inc.
Faraco International Limited
Fernbrook Homes Limited
Fieldgate Development & Construction
Fifthshire Homes Ltd.
Forest Hill Homes Ltd.
Forum and Amandus Developments
Fourteen Estates Ltd.
Franton Homes Inc.
Garden Homes Inc.
Gareene Homes Ltd. / VHL Developement Inc.
Generation Homes
Genstar Development Company, Toronto Region
Georgian Homes Inc.
Geranium Corporation
Glen Corporation
Glen Orchard Homes
Glen Rouge Homes
Gold Park Homes
Golfvest Communities (Sawmill Creek) Inc.
Grajen Homes
Grandeur Custom Homes Inc. by Ferris Rafauli
Great Gulf Homes
Great Lands Corporation
Greenfield Quality Builders Inc.
Greenpark Homes
Greenvilla Homes
H & R Developments
Habitat for Humanity Toronto
Haddington Developments Inc.
Halminen Urban Communities Inc.
Haven Homes
Highmark Homes Inc.
History Hill Group
Home State Homes
Hyde Park Homes Limited
Inaugural Source Inc.
Intracorp Projects Ltd.
Invar Building Corporation
Kaneff Properties Limited
Karvon Homes Ltd.
Kolter Property Company
L.H. Lind Holdings Inc.
Lakeview Homes
Lancaster Homes Inc.
Lanterna Group Ltd.
Lash Developments Ltd.
Laurier Homes Limited
Lebovic Enterprises
Legend Creek Homes
Legend Homes Inc.
Liberty Development Corporation
Liberty Home Group
Liza Homes
Lormel Homes Ltd.
Luvian Homes
MacPherson Builders Limited
Madison Homes
Mady Development Corporation
Maplehurst Homes
Markay Developments
Marshall Homes Corporation
MaryDel Homes
Mason Homes
Matanda Home Ltd.
Mattamy Homes Limited
Medallion Developments
Melody Homes Corp.
Menkes Developments Ltd.
Midhaven Homes Ltd.
Minto Development Inc./MintoUrban Communities Inc.
Modulex / Jean Construction
Moldenhauer Developments
Monaco Homes o/a 1266346 Ontario Ltd.
Monarch Corporation
Monmar Developments Ltd.
Morguard Residential Inc.
Namara Developments Ltd.
National Homes
New Age Homes Limited
New Century Homes Ltd.
Norstar Building Corporation/Willowfield Homes
North Star Homes Inc.
Oakridge Custom Homes Ltd.
Orchard Ridge Homes
Orlando Corporation
Oxnard Homes (Oxnard Development Inc.)
Paradise Homes Corp.
PCM Construction Inc.
Penridge Homes
Pine Valley Developments Corporation
PineLake Group, d.b.a. 1642989 Ontario Ltd.
Pinnacle International Realty Group Inc
Plazacorp Investments Limited
Pointe of View Developments Inc.
Previn Court Homes
Primont Homes Corporation
Pristine Homes
Queenscorp Group
Queensgate Homes Inc.
Ramtin Sotoadeh Homes Ltd./LSI Engineering
Regal Crest Homes
RegalCraft Homes Inc.
Regency Heights Homes
Remington Homes
REO Global Ventures Ltd.
Ristic Homes Inc.
Riverdale Group Inc.
Rivermill Homes
Rose Valley Homes
Rosebud Homes Development Corporation
Rosehaven Homes Limited
Royal Lane Homes
Royal Park Homes
Royal Pine Homes Limited
Running Brook Homes Ltd.
Runnymede Development Corporation
Saberwood Homes (1250259 Ontario Inc.)
Schickedanz Brothers Limited
Senator Homes
Sequoia Grove Homes Inc.
Sherwood Custom Homes Inc.
Shiu Pong Group Limited
Sierra Home Inc.
Sky Homes Corporation
Solmar Homes
Sorbara Development Group
Spring Town Homes
Spruce Tree Resorts Inc.
St. Regis Homes
Stafford Homes Ltd.
Stanford Homes Ltd.
Starcrest Homes Ltd.
Starlane Home Corporation
Starserra Homes Limited
Sterling & Co. Residential Design/BuildInc.
Stirling Bridge Limited
Stirling Cook Developments Inc.
Stone Manor Developments Limited
Streetcar Developments Inc.
Summit View Homes Ltd.
Sundance Development Corporation
Sundial Homes Limited
Sunfield Homes
Sunset Valley Homes Inc.
TACC Construction Ltd.
TAS DesignBuild
Terra Brook Homes Inc.
The Acorn Development Corporation
The Camrost Corporation
The Conservatory Group
The Daniels Corporation
The Goldman Group
The Heathwood Group of Companies
The Kaitlin Group Ltd.
The Noik Group
The Rockport Group
The Wycliffe Group Limited
Thornridge Homes Ltd.
Tiffany Park Homes
Times Group Corporation
Tor-Bel Group
Tormina Construction Limited
Total Developments International Inc.
Town Square Developments Inc.
Townwood Homes Inc.
Trevcor Management Inc.
Tri-Block Group
Tribute Communities
Tricap Properties Inc.
Tridel Corporation
Trilet Developments Ltd.
Trinison Management Corporation
Trinity Development Group Inc.
Urban Capital Property Group
Urban Renaissance Homes Management Inc.
Valemont Homes Inc.
Valentino Fine Homes
Vandyk Properties Incorporated
Verdiroc Development Corporation
Windemere Heights Homes Limited/Windemere Custom Homes
Winzen Homes Limited
WSFT Development Inc.
Zamani Homes