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Exterior Column Wraps

  • PVC Column Wraps - Made on the Premises.

For Fast Delivery - Decorative, Non-Structural. Also referred to as post covers. Elite Mouldings offers an extensive line of square Tapered or Non-Tapered pre-sized / custom made exterior PVC column wraps. Finding the right column to fit the specific architectural order or style that you are looking for has never been easier.

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We believe that exterior PVC Column Wraps are the highest quality product for the least amount of cost. These columns are environmentally friendly and can be free standing or easily installed over an existing wooden or steel post.

PVC column wraps are quick and easy to install as well as lightweight, strong and paintable. They hold up to warping, shrinkage, decay, insects and they don't ever need to be painted. They are made with the same PVC as is commonly used for decking and other outdoor mouldings and trims.

Call us for a quote if you don't see the style or size that you are looking for. We offer volume and trade discounts. For more detailed product specifications, pricing and ordering, visit our E-commerce site.

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