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Foam Or Polyurethane Crown Mouldings

  • An Excellent Choice for High-Rise Condominiums

Detailed, lightweight and easy to install, high-density polyurethane crown mouldings enhance the look of any room with character and elegance at a reasonable cost. Enhance and add grandeur to any room without the mess of plaster crown mouldings.

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At Elite Trimworks, we understand that there are certain limitations when it comes to installing MDF Crown Mouldings in a Condo: Concrete walls which prevent the use of nails or pins, transporting 14-foot lengths into elevators and rooms, finding space for cutting, and other installation issues that make installing crown moulding in condos difficult. This is precisely why we now offer a full lineup of Polyurethane crown moulding and installation for condos. Because plaster mouldings are messy and require too much space, we ruled out this option. MDF moulding installation in a condo carries additional costs from added labor and time for having to brace the trim to the concrete walls, which often includes glued-in-place blocking. Polyurethane mouldings are glued directly to the walls, lowering costs. Here at Elite Mouldings we stock 5" polyurethane crown mouldings, which are standard for 8’ ceilings, but we offer them in sizes up to 14" for taller ceilings and bigger rooms. Our crown mouldings are available in 12-foot lengths as opposed to the 8 foot lengths available at Big Box stores, which means fewer seams and less chance for seams to crack. The polyurethane crown mouldings are flexible, which allows longer lengths to be brought up in elevators, as opposed to MDF crown mouldings which have to be cut down to be transported in elevators. The flexibility of Foam, allows longer lengths to be transported in standard elevators, this is not the case with MDF or wood which must be cut down in order to be brought up to your unit and then reassembled. Our Polyurethane crown mouldings are pre-primed with a lacquer-based primer, providing a superior paint surface to products primed with a water-based primer. The result is a smooth finish that requires little paint and sanding to finish. Our MDF wood crown mouldings are primed white for easy finishing. We ship all over the world. These are our four most poplar profiles, that come in a variety of sizes.

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