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Trimwork - Exterior Applications

  • There is no limit as to what can be done

Elite Moulding offers hundreds of PVC and Polyurethane moulding profiles for exterior use for either residential or commercial applications. Since our move to our new 5000 square foot showroom, we have been adding new exterior mouldings and trimwork to our site almost weekly. Click here to see what has been posted so far.

exterior trimwork

When complete, we plan to offer a full line of:

  • Exterior Mouldings, PVC rails and column wraps, pilasters, pediments, door entrances, door crossheads, window louvers, brackets and Victorian trims.

If you know how to cut, rout, or nail wood you'll know how to cut, shape, fasten, and finish Versatex PVC sheets using standard carpentry tools.

Versatex provides the superior workability of wood without warping, cupping, or splitting. Okay, it's not your father's finger-jointed pine or redwood. But how would you approach the job of exterior trim on a house if moisture wasn't a consideration? It may sound simple, but it removes a big consideration, and adds an amazing amount of design freedom. 

We carry a large selection of PVC sheets in stock for immediate shipping anywhere!


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